Chuck Schumer Just Warned Of A Massive Trump Coverup – Must See (VIDEO)


On Wednesday after an emergency Democratic caucus meeting, New York Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer cautioned the possibility of Trump officials attempting to bury ill-advised communication with Russian intelligence.

Schumer suggested that there may be justifiable reasons to believe Donald Trump and his team of advisers may attempt to bury information that could expose conversations that have been held with Russian agents.

During a press conference, outside of the Senate chamber, Schumer said:

‘There is real concern that administration, transition and campaign officials may try to cover up ties to Russia by deleting emails, texts and other records that could shine a light on those connections.’

He mentioned that the recordings would be the main evidence needed for a congressional investigation and they must be protected.

Schumer, backed by California Senator Dianne Feinstein and Virginia Senator Mark Warner, who are the ranking Democrats on the Judiciary and Intelligence committees, demanded any evidence of communication between Trump’s campaign, transition and administration officials be well protected.

Tuesday, the New York Times revealed that there are phone records and intercepted calls proving multiple instances of communication between Trump’s campaign members and Russian intelligence officials leading up Election Day.

Schumer’s release of this information has caused increased suspicion among Democratic members of Congress. They suspect former National Security Adviser and senior campaign adviser, Michael Flynn may have vowed to Russian officials that he would lift U.S. sanctions against Russia knowing that they would assist in leaking detrimental information about Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, prior to the election.

Schumer stated:

‘I’ve been in Congress for a long time, I’ve never seen anything like this.’

Again, Schumer demanded attorney general Jeff Sessions excuse himself from the Department of Justice’s investigation on Russian interference in the election.

Mentioning Sessions’ involvement with Flynn during that time, Schumer threatened:

‘investigation will remain jaundiced and the American people will doubt the credibility of its findings.’

Schumer proposed that it should be mandatory for all of Trump’s officials to testify under oath before Congress and for the findings to be open to the people.

‘During our caucus meeting we discussed the two tracks on which we must seek the truth.’

He stated that the Senate Intelligence Committee will take the lead on Capitol Hill, but insisted that it is symmetrically significant for “Law enforcement to get to the bottom of everything that may have transpired here.”

Republicans made it known that the Senate Intelligence Committee would be in charge of the investigation to disclose allegations that Flynn inadmissibly communicated with the Russian ambassador in order to get more insight surrounding the hacking of the 2016 presidential election.

Watch Schumer’s comments below:

Featured image via GettyImages/Mario Tama.

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