Mark Cuban Deletes Anti-Trump Tweet During Presser – Screenshot Captured


Mark Cuban tweeted (and then deleted) a tweet where he accused President Trump of being too unintelligent to be dangerous.

‘It’s time we accept @POTUS for who he is. He is entertaining. He is oblivious. He isn’t smart enough to be dangerous.’

The tweet has since been deleted, but The Hill was able to capture a screenshot before Cuban deleted it.


As of right now, it is still unclear as to why Cuban deleted this tweet. Given how often he has sparred with Trump in the past, it would be a bit surprising if he decided that the tweet was inappropriate, but it’s possible Cuban thought better of insulting the president of the United States.

It’s also possible that Cuban simply decided he was mistaken and that Trump’s lack of intelligence makes him uniquely dangerous. Regardless, it’s likely that Trump will not be pleased with this story. Then again, Trump should be used to the negative attention by now, but it appears that he still has a rather thin skin.

As stated above, this is far from the first time that Cuban has sparred with Trump. During the campaign, Cuban was a vocal supporter of Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton and frequently attacked Trump over his lack of qualifications, poor temperament, and refusal to release his tax returns.

Despite their recent disagreements, Cuban originally supported Trump’s bid for the presidency, but turned his back on the New York billionaire when it became clear to him that Trump lacked any substance.

‘Donald Trump comes from his gut, but at some point you have to add substance, and if you just had combined those two together, that’s what I wanted when I first supported him… but you can’t just go with gut forever’

While we can’t agree with Cuban’s initial support of Trump, we are happy that he eventually saw the light and he makes a good point regarding the president. His campaign was the prime example of style over substance. Trump does not appear to be particularly intelligent, but he’s rich, loud, and very good at manipulating the media. There’s a shallow sort of appeal to him. We’re just disappointed that so many Americans failed to see though it.

Featured image via Getty Images. 

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