‘Go F*ck Yourself!’ Larry Wilmore Unloads On Milo Yiannopoulos To His Face


Everyone knew that having Milo Yiannopoulos on Real Time with Bill Maher was going to be controversial, but few could have expected things to go quite this badly.

The outspoken bully and all-around reprehensible Yiannopoulos appeared during the solo interview segment of Maher’s show to talk about the protests that erupted on Feb. 2 when the professional internet troll was scheduled to speak to students from the UC Berkeley College Republicans group. The protests were interrupted by a group of mostly masked individuals who set fire to a college building and caused nearly $100,000 worth of damage. At this time, no one is certain that those who caused the damage were students from the university. Two of the members of the College Republicans allege that they were physically attacked, as well.

During Maher’s internet-only Overtime segment, Yiannopoulos sat in on a panel with comedian and political commentator Larry Wilmore, retired Navy officer and counterintelligence and terrorism officer Malcolm Nance, and former congressman Jack Kingston (R-GA).

The subject of Yiannopoulos’ recent harassment of a transgender women at University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee. On Dec. 15, during a speech to students, Yiannopoulos showed a picture of a former transgender student who had won a court battle to use the restroom that matched her gender identity and went on a rant about her.

‘He got into the women’s room the way liberals always operate, using the government and the courts to weasel their way where they don’t belong. In this case he made a Title IX complaint. Title IX is a set of rules to protect women on campus effectively […] Now it is used to put men in to women’s bathrooms.’

Yiannopoulos insisted he was only fighting for the safety of the women who would surely fall victim to sexual assault should transgender women be allowed to use the proper restroom, off-handedly quoting some false data saying that transgender folks are more likely to commit sexual assault.

It all went downhill from there.

Wilmore had already reminded Yiannopoulos, who is openly gay, that the same arguments had been used to marginalize gay and lesbian people for many years. Yiannopoulos shot back:

‘It was wrong then, it’s right now.’

Nance broke in, saying that Yiannopoulos was projecting his own feelings onto all LGBTQ people, to which Yiannopoulos responded by telling Maher that his guests were “stupid.” Wilmore had clearly reached his limit with that insult to Nance.

‘You know what? You can go f*ck yourself, all right?’

See the full segment below:


Featured image screengrab via YouTube


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