CNN Panel Goes Insane Over Trump’s Attack On Transgender Students (VIDEO)


On Thursday morning CNN had a feisty debate in regards to the rights of transgender individuals, who should have the same rights as any other American does.

Democrat Christine Quinn genuinely expressed that teens who identify as transgender should have a say when choosing which bathroom they would like to use.

In return, Republican Kayleigh McEnany argued that her main concerns are revolved around the possibility of sexual predators taking advantage of the law that allows students to use whichever public restroom they want. She used some lame example of a guy who walked in and undressed in front of multiple young girls in a locker room, which is irrelevant to the transgender rights that were being discussed.

Sexual predators have always found a way to sneakily prey upon women and children, even prior to the attempts to allow equality for transgender individuals in which the laws are still fairly new.

Quinn gave McEnany a piece of her mind when jumping on her for even thinking it is okay to take away the rights of transgender teenagers, who are already an outcast, feel vulnerable, and struggle through daily life, that already only have a few laws in their favor.

Ana Navarrao, a political commentator said it perfectly:

‘Transgender people are just like me and you. I am a Republican and I am 100 percent in favor of LGBQT rights. I think they have the same exact rights as I do – to love, to marry, to live, to live in liberty, and to piss as I do wherever they want and wherever they feel it.It is unfair to target these kids who are already bullied and already so fragile with such words and such discussions. We are talking about human beings.’

Children are already so fragile while dealing with everyday maturational crisis, bullying, and seeking approval from their peers. These teens who are a part of the LGBQT community have to deal with the same struggles as any other teenager but with the addition of criticism for who they genuinely are and identify as.

Every individual should have the right to love and marry who ever they are happy with, without the fear of being a victim of hate crimes. Who a person chooses to live their life with in no way disrupts anyone else’s life. People need to wake up, America needs more love and less hate.

Check out the debate here:

Featured image screengrab via YouTube.

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