‘New York Times’ Releases Unprecedented Anti-Trump TV Ad – Meltdown Guaranteed


During this Sunday’s Academy Awards, the New York Times will make history by airing its first-ever TV advertisement. The ad shows conflicting statements that all begin with the words “the truth is.”

For example, one of them lines takes a shot at Kellyanne Conway and reads “The truth is alternative facts are lies.” Conway, during an interview with NBC’s Chuck Todd, defended Sean Spicer’s claims regarding the size of Trump’s inaugural crowds by claiming Spicer was simply giving alternative facts.

The next line reads, “The truth is the media is dishonest.” This, of course, is a reference to President Trump’s frequent claims that the media is lying and distorting the facts to make his administration look bad.

The ad contains several such statements with some statements contradicting the ones that appeared right before it.  It’s an effective ad that highlights the difficulty of finding the “truth” in this day and age. Beyond mere factual comments, it also shows the subjectivity inherent in news reporting. After all, it isn’t enough to simply find the facts. You must also interpret them. Every news organization, whether left, right, or center, will bring some element of bias to their interpretation of facts. The important thing is to ensure that the facts themselves are reported fairly and accurately.

Liberals and conservatives both agree that the United States’ debt is a problem, but they disagree over the best way to address it. However, it’s gotten to the point where some politicians and media figures openly ignore the hard facts.

For instance, the current debate over climate change isn’t the best way to address the issue. At this point, debating whether or not climate change is real is ridiculous given the overwhelming amount of evidence provided by scientists. Interpretations of facts can, to an extent, be subject to reasonable debate, but we should not be debating the validity of the facts themselves.

The ad concludes by showing the Times logo and a line regarding the inherent difficulty in finding the truth.


You can see the full ad below:

Featured image via Getty Images.

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