Kellyanne Conway Just Threatened A Guy Who Tricks Her Into Hilarious Selfie Video


It was all caught on the man’s cell phone as Kellyanne Conway realized she had just been made the unwilling butt of a joke soon to go viral. It started when Alfredo Pelicci ran into Conway and asked if she could pose for a quick photo.

When Conway agreed to the selfie and turned to pose for the picture, Pelicci said, “Say, I’m ruining America!” Conway, seemingly slow to catch on, eventually looks down at her phone and mumbles about Pelicci being really “brave” for saying that.

As if.

This scrawny little crypt keeper is now making threats that President Trump can’t cash. It’s just the beginning too, as Conway is seemingly growing more and more frustrated with Trump “haters” each passing day.

The joke, however brave the teller may be, was absolutely brilliant.

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