Paul Ryan Arrogantly Mocks Int’l Women’s Day With Bold Press Conference (VIDEO)


Grown up Eddie Munster is not exactly the most popular person in America, but as of this morning, he is even less favorable, if you can even imagine that. Paul Ryan held a press conference today in which he openly bragged about shutting down women’s health organization, Planned Parenthood, on International Women’s Day.

Ryan was discussing the revision to Obamacare when he said this:

“This is what we’ve been dreaming about doing. conservative wish list. Ryan then ticked off parts of the legislation that should thrill conservatives, before concluding that it gets “Washington out of the business of being a nanny state.”

Ryan continued:

“It ends funding to Planned Parenthood and sends money to community centers.”

The bill will actually end the flow of millions in federal aid to Planned Parenthood. According to Vox, this will greatly hurt already struggling Americans.

“defunding the organization takes money away from its mostly low-income patients, who might be forced to seek care elsewhere if the government stopped subsidizing their visits to Planned Parenthood. Low-income women will be hit especially hard, but all Planned Parenthood patients may be affected if clinics are forced to close as a result of budget cuts.”

But the bill would actually go further. It threatens to dismantle the entire private insurance market for abortion coverage, not just public funding for abortion providers: If a woman wants a health insurance plan that will cover abortion, she (and possibly her employer) won’t be able to use tax credits to buy it under this bill.

This will be devastating to the millions of women who depend on Planned Parenthood services annually. While the GOP is concerned with ending the practice of legal abortion in the United States, what they are really doing with this bill is making a devastating impact on families who are already struggling to make ends meet in a brutally capitalistic society.

Women, who head households as it is, would be forced to carry a child to term, regardless of how that may interfere with her ability to care for the children she already has. She would also need to pay for her own healthcare during this medical event.

If this bill passes, who is to say that Republicans won’t go even further to ensure that women have no access to safe abortions, regardless of their healthcare coverage? This is a slippery slope for America, as it treads on the line of taking women’s rights back about 44 years.

Stand up and fight ladies. Whether you need an abortion or not.

Check out the video below vis YouTube:

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