Twitter Bans Roger Stone Over Vulgar Assault – Stone Just Went Apesh*t (TWEETS)


Roger Stone is a complete idiot, and most people, including the somewhat reasonable Trump voters. Last weekend, Stone went on a Twitter tirade against female Twitter users. According to Slate’s Daniel Politi, Stone sent “horrific” messages to women on Twitter.

Politi said:

“The political consultant’s night of horrific Twitter messages began when a Twitter user who identifies as Caroline O under the handle @RVAwonk, asked Stone if he knew ‘what libel is’ in response to him pushing Trump’s assertion that he was the victim of a wiretap operation by Obama. ‘Bring it! Would enjoy crush u in court and forcing you to eat shit-you stupid ignorant ugly b*tch !’ he wrote in the since-deleted tweet.”

Naturally, Twitter suspended Stone’s account for 24 hours following the schoolyard bully tantrum. However, Stone is now saying that Twitter violated his constitutional right to free speech by banning him from spewing his miserable hatred.

Stone took to his radio show’s Twitter page to whine about the injustice that was done unto him when he was stopped from harassing women on social media. He also posted a picture of the countdown to his next verbal assault.

“Censorship brigade @Twitter shuts down @RogerJStoneJr’s account in blatant move to stymie free speech. Shameful!”

Bo Gardiner of Daily KOS had this to say about Stone’s meltdown:

“This private company, Twitter, tossed Stone out of its house for 24 hours for viciously attacking its other guests, as is its right. But as is the alt-right’s modus operandi, Stone cries he’s the victim, using his radio show Twitter account.”

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