White Supremacists Livid Over Racist Georgia Couple’s Sentencing Go Berserk (VIDEO)


After a Georgia couple was sentenced to 20 years in prison earlier this week for making threats and racial slurs, white supremacists across the country have responded and they’re not happy.

The sentences for Jose Torres and Kayla Norton came after they participated in driving by a black child’s birthday party, waving Confederate flags and making “terroristic threats” towards the party goers. Douglas County District Attorney Brian Fortner, further explained:

‘This was a case where these people pulled out a shotgun and threatened to kill people at the party, including children.’

According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, since the sentencing, white supremacists have taken to social media to respond through petitions in protest and Facebook posts. One of the racists responding first was James Oliver, known for his involvement in the National Socialist Movement, who posted a video following the sentencing that has since been removed from Facebook. The National Socialist Movement, which Oliver is a member of, is not only rooted in the original American Nazi Party, but also one of the country’s largest neo-Nazi groups.

According to Southern Poverty Law Center, in the video James Oliver said:

’20 years for f**king freedom of speech. For name calling. Some high school, middle school, kindergarten bulls**t.’

Oliver’s friend, John Girton, a former KKK Klansman, joined him in the video and said:

‘Not one negro was harmed. However, one of them did get their feelings hurt by the use of the n-word.’

It’s convenient for scum like Girton to just leave out the part about how it was a child’s birthday party and a shotgun was pointed at the party, accompanied by verbal threats of physical violence. This situation is about a lot more than the n-word and, in this case, and a lot more than hurtful language was used.

Many of these white supremacist organizations even have people coming forward and saying that what really happened at the birthday party was different than the stories and videos from the event. One example is a Facebook post shared by Girton:

‘What ACTUALLY happened was these flaggers were INVITED to the party in a very fake act of goodwill in the spirit of interracial peace & harmony and such assorted bullshit, but when they arrive some “urban youth” outside began throwing beer bottles at their truck, causing them to swerve into the median which popped a tire on their truck, stranding them at the scene of what would have been another incident of black on white mob violence.’

Other white racist groups, like Keystone United, Community First Outreach, and White Lives Matter have also expressed their feelings on the sentencing.

The couple could be see crying in court during their sentencing, and both said that they weren’t bad people and meant no harm.

Below is a video courtesy of CNN, just after the couple was sentenced:

Featured Image via Getty Images

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