Barack Obama Makes Surprise Public Appearance & Onlookers Were In Shock


Former President Barack Obama came back to NYC on Thursday, and stopped in at his favorite Big Apple eatery for some Italian food and wine, reported the Daily Mail.

The 8-year veteran of the hardest job on Earth went to Carbone with Michelle and Malia. Both ladies now live in New York since Malia scored an internship at film studio The Weinstein Company.

The ex-pres dined on a $49 lamb chop and sipped on red wine. His wife drank white wine. Carbone has a single Michelin star, which indicates the restaurant uses “top quality ingredients,” and serves “dishes with distinct flavours” which are “carefully prepared to a consistently high standard.”

The Obamas weren’t just celebrating any old night, though. The Obamas have recently secured a book deal for their memoirs, with a reported value of a whopping $60 million for the global rights. Seeing as how Malia is the only Obama with a job right now, the cash is probably a welcome windfall.

With Sasha still in high school in Washington DC, the rest of the family had to leave her behind for their dinner date.

By all accounts, Barack simply adores Carbone, and has generally visited the restaurant any time he’s been in New York. He stopped by in July 2015 with Malia and Sasha for a visit where the Secret Service halted traffic to a crawl around the area. Malia had been working in New York back then, too. She spent the summer between her junior and senior years in college on-set, helping with the HBO show “Girls.”

At Carbone, the family ordered the veal parmigiana, crab cakes, a porterhouse steak, spicy rigatoni á la vodka, meatballs, lobster ravioli, and a full bottle of Fenocchio Barbaresco. That particular meal from Carbone did not come cheap, with the veal coming in at $55, and a whopping $195 for a large enough portion of porterhouse for two.

Michelle also managed to check out Carbone back in November of 2013, right after the restaurant opened.

The Carbone trip kicked off a fantastic weekend for Obama and his two daughters. The family later took off for a private tour of the Whitney museum, and ended up seeing the musical Hamilton the next day.

Obama left the restaurant on Thursday to cheers and even the desperate cry of “Come back!”

Watch the video below.

Image via Getty/Pool

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