Trump Makes Unprecedented Anti-Press Move – U.S. Forefathers Rolling In Graves


After the president accused former President Obama of wiretapping Trump Tower during his presidential campaign, Trump is avoiding press interaction.

After Donald Trump accused President Barack Obama of wiretapping his home, in two tweets, he faced massive backlash after the accusations he made came with no proof or validation of any kind. Since then Trump has given the responsibility for answering for his allegations to his Vice President and top White House aides. The president himself has mostly stayed out of public view, despite meeting with labor unions, members of Congress, and conservative organizations.

Despite the fact that the White House has made several policy announcements the president has kept a low profile throughout.

On Monday Donald Trump signed a modified version of his original travel ban in the Oval Office as usual, but this time there were no members of the press present. Whereas in the past Trump made an entire show out of the signing of executive orders. A lone photograph emerged from the signing that was handed out by the White House press office.

On Tuesday the president formally endorsed the Republican Healthcare plan, set to replace Obamacare. The endorsement was one of only four times the president was actually in front of the press over the past week, after meeting in the East Room with a group of legislators.

So far, when it comes to the Republican Healthcare Plan, President Trump hasn’t answered any questions, but Vice President Mike Pence plans to promote the plan at an event this Saturday in Louisville, Ky. Pence has also already plugged the plan on local TV stations and conservative radio programs.

On Wednesday Donald Trump has a campaign rally planned for Nashville, Tennessee. Despite the fact that his campaign ended months ago, the president will likely touch on the Republican Healthcare Plan.

Earlier this week, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer said:

‘I think you will see a lot of travel and a lot of activity by the president and all of the administration. And it’s not just going to be the president. It’s going to be, you know, the secretary, the directors, key administration staff.’

This is a sudden change from the first several weeks of Trump in the White House, where he was much more active and interactive with the media, concerning answering questions and photo-ops.

Earlier this week President Trump did have a photo-op. The media were invited to see the president surprise visitors during a White House tour. The media were not permitted to ask any questions, though.

Of course, officials from the White House claim that the media isn’t purposely being closed out and defended Trump’s magnanimous generosity with the media.

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer spoke off-camera Monday in response to a question about the revisited travel ban signing, saying:

‘We have gone above and beyond allowing the press into events. We’ve had created access. One day out of the last 41 or 40, whatever it’s been — but I think this president has been extremely accessible.’

Well, as long as Sean Spicer is ok with it everyone should be happy, right?

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