Alec Baldwin Returns To SNL With Brilliant Trump Monologue – Donald Sure To Freak


Alec Baldwin has returned once again to Saturday Night Live, in an impersonation sure to enrage the overly-sensitive President Trump.

Saturday Night Live has been on their game all season with the political sketches, especially with the brilliant actors playing political figures, but they struck comedy gold with Alec Baldwin playing an scarily accurate Donald Trump. Tonight, Baldwin returns in a skit that’s set up like the alien movie, Independence Day.

A smug and clueless Trump appears, read to act as military commander. Much like President Donald Trump behaves in real life, he focused on himself instead of the alien threat. Then, instead of offering a solution, the president focused on coal, which he’s done a lot of since his election in November.

Part of the the greatness of these SNL skits, aside from just being completely funny, are that when you’re enjoying them you can know that somewhere an angry orange-faced 70-year-old man is watching it too, and he’s furious.

Saturday Night Live has given the country what they needed this time of a horrifying political climate. The sketch also touches on Trump getting his news from one of the angriest toads on the internet, Alex Jones of InfoWars, and pokes fun at Donald Trump’s twitter blunder this week during which he deleted a tweet several times due to misspellings.

Enjoy the sketch in the video below:

SNL-cold open-alec baldwin- Donald Trump-Alien… by ctaylor1337

Featured Image via Screen Capture

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