Did Trump Commit An Impeachable Offense When He Claimed Obama Wiretapped Him?


President Trump claims Obama wiretapped Trump Tower during the election, but unless he can produce proof he could be guilty of obstruction of justice.

Donald Trump bit off more than he could chew when he turned to his favorite social media platform to accuse President Barack Obama of wiretapping his home at Trump Tower during the 2016 U.S. presidential election. Now Congress demands evidence of the claims while some House Republicans admit that there is no evidence. Even worse still, James Comey, FBI Director has publicly denied the claims and asked the rest of the Justice Department¬†to follow suit. This petty, ridiculous attempt to make President Obama look bad is now blowing up in Trump’s face because it could mean he’s guilty of obstruction of justice, and that is an offense that could get him impeached.

Heat Street, a right-wing website, reported last November that a FISA warrant existed, allowing the FBI to keep track of two Russian banks that were in communication with a server located in Trump Tower.

Reporter Louise Mensch, while appearing on MSNBC Sunday, said:

‘For once, I think it’s possible the president does not have a fake news problem. I think he may have a real news problem, being that what if there really is a wiretap at Trump Tower? The problem the president has then is that I didn’t report that, and neither did any other journalist, which means that if he tweeted evidence in an ongoing, top-secret case, then he obstructed justice, and that’s an impeachable offense.’

According to Mensch, the reason the White House has gone silent on the claims isn’t because they’re likely untrue, but rather because they might actually be real. Because of those tweets, if there is wiretapping going on by President Obama or anyone else, Donald Trump may very well have derailed his own Trump train.

Mensch also brought up the fact that the Trump administration is desperately trying to pin the wiretapping claims on the press, but it was never reported by the press before the president tweeted about it. Obstruction of justice is a very real offense. Perhaps it’s time for POTUS to do himself a favor and step away from social media.

MSNBC provided the video below:

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