Judge Tells Trump To Shove It & Issues Emergency Restraining Order Against Muslim Ban


When Donald Trump acknowledged he would be putting out a revised travel, immigration and refugee ban against (now) six Muslim-majority countries, Americans shook their heads.

President Trump’s first travel ban executive order was deemed unconstitutional and discriminatory by the masses, and the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) in a landmark decision, fought the Muslim Ban in the courts. Donald Trump was left to cry on Twitter following, as his order was shot down time and time again.

With the release of this Muslim Ban 2.0, Donald Trump likely intended to iron out any of the legal kinks from the previous round. Some legal experts have looked at it fearfully, in that, he nearly has found a perfectly legal way to enforce his hate-filled agenda.

Friday, the Chicago Tribune and other outlets reported that Donald Trump’s revised travel ban had been met with its first legal battle, and it lost. U.S. District Judge William Conley of Wisconsin issued the first block of the ban.

Sadly, the block only applies to a specific Syrian family who sought refuge in the State, including a man, a woman and their 3 year-old daughter. The man, who did not want to be identified for his safety, filed Friday to identify that Donald Trump’s ban barred their family from continuing the visa process.

Judge Conley acquiesced to their request and provided a temporary restraining order, preventing Trump’s ban from being enforced on the family. They will be attending a hearing regarding their status in America on March 21.

Conley, perhaps not surprisingly, was an appointee of President Barack Obama. He is the chief judge of the federal court of western Wisconsin. Regarding the case, he asserted to Reuters that:

‘[The plaintiff] has presented some likelihood of success on the merits [and the family faced] significant risk of irreparable harm [if they had not left Syria].’

While this is the first finalized legal block of Trump’s ban, it certainly won’t be the last. Various states have publically slammed the ban and identified their desire and full intention to fight it from being enforced within their boundaries.

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) which challenged Donald Trump’s first travel/refugee/immigration executive order, are also gearing up to battle this version in the courts. Following their involvement in taking down the first order, the ACLU has received something near $28 million in donations with which to continue advocating against Trump’s discriminatory policies. They will likely be tapping into that reservoir of funds to fight this new version, which they described as:

‘Putting a new coat of paint on the Muslim ban doesn’t solve its fundamental problem, which is that the Constitution and our laws prohibit religious discrimination…Rarely in American history has governmental intent to discriminate against a particular faith and its adherents been so plain.’

To many, the opposition of the ACLU and states to this revised version is not a surprise, for that reason. Donald Trump better start thinking of a “plan C” which will hopefully just be giving up on the Islamophobic policy.


Feature Image via Getty Images/Mark Runnacles.

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