McCain Delivers Message To Trump During CNN Sunday Talkshow – Fireworks Coming


CNN’s Jake Tapper hosted Senator John McCain on his show this Sunday morning and neither man had anything particularly glowing to say about President Trump.

They discussed Trump’s claims that President Obama wiretapped Trump Tower in the final months of the 2016 election, claims for which there remain no evidence whatsoever. The House Intelligence Committee issued a formal demand for the White House to hand over any evidence that it has for the wiretap claims by Monday. It’s pretty much a given, however, that they’re not going to be handing anything over, because again, there is no evidence.

The claim that Obama wiretapped Trump comes from the demented ramblings of a conservative talk radio host, Mark Levin. White House officials have openly admitted over and over again that Levin is the only source for the information that Obama wiretapped Trump, and it goes without saying that Levin is hardly a trustworthy source in this field. He’s a talk radio host — he’s paid to make enough crap up to fill the hours upon hours that he has to talk through.

A White House aide even admitted at one point that the only reason Trump ever got wind of what Levin had said is because a Breitbart article got slipped into his morning reading pile.

So, on that note, Tapper asked Sen. McCain:

‘If there’s no proof for what the president said, and we know the FBI Director said it’s not true and the former Director of National Intelligence has said it’s not true, should President Trump take back his charge and apologize to President Obama and to the American people?’

McCain responded by agreeing with Tapper and saying, basically, yes, Trump either needs to deliver some evidence for his claims or he needs to retract them.

Tapper, eventually, asked McCain a more pointed question, saying, “Do you have any concern about the constant barrage of conspiracy theories we keep hearing from the president?”

McCain responded by saying, “Well the president certainly has a unique style… and I’m not going to tell him how he should conduct [his] presidency. But I do believe that on an issue such as this, accusing a former president of the United States of doing something.. unheard of — that requires corroboration.”

Watch the full interview below.

Featured Image screengrab from YouTube.

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