Trump Fired Attorney Preet Bharara For Refusing To Take His Call (DETAILS)


Two days before firing U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara, President Trump attempted to call him, It is reported, however, that Bharara refused to take the president’s call. Despite having a sound reason for not taking the call, all powerful Trump apparently took the action as blatant disrespect and decided firing Bharara would be the most mature and logical reaction.

Bharara didn’t take the call with the president because he didn’t have approval from the Justice Department to do so. According to Reuters:

“Bharara contacted Justice Department headquarters for authorization to speak to the president on Thursday, according to detailed account from the law enforcement source. When he apparently did not receive it, he called back the woman who had contacted him to say he did not want to talk to Trump without the approval of his superiors.”

Bharara was one for the 46 Obama appointed attorneys who were asked to resign. After refusing to step down, Bharara received a call from the president, a call that we all wish he had taken and recorded.

Trump, infuriated by the lack of respect for his new role in government, fired the attorney.

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