Fox News Responds To Rachel Maddow Like Unhinged 12 Year Old Children (VIDEO/TWEETS)


On Sean Hannity’s show late Tuesday evening, he did not hold back his criticisms of NBC and Rachel Maddow in relation to the standard topics of commentary and specifically, their release of Trump’s 2005 tax returns in Maddow’s Tuesday segment.

Hannity opened up his show by saying that the media and “NBC in particular… is on a political jihad against the administration.” This begs the question: does he even know what jihad means?

A main point of his argument against Maddow and the NBC is that the release of the two pages of Donald Trump’s tax return raises a number of “legal questions,” particularly due to the following U.S. code regulation:

‘It shall be unlawful for any employee of the United States or any person described in section 6103 (N) (Or an officer or employee of any such person), or any former officer or employee, willfully to disclose to any person, except as authorized in this title, any return or return information.’

It is noted that the violation of this code could result in five years in prison of a $5,000 fine.

However, the NBC has justified their release of the information with the fact that Americans were owed this information and more from Donald Trump for quite some time, and discussed that the information was found in a mailbox.

Hannity counter-claimed then by saying that these legitimate, fact-seeking journalists have been working “tirelessly,” “behind the scenes” to “create a false narrative that President Trump colluded with the Russians.”

How is it that when journalists uncover incriminating information surrounding President Trump and his team, which suggests that during the campaign there is a strong potential for collusion – that suddenly it’s a “false narrative?” Well, essentially anything that doesn’t align with Hannity’s political agenda is being disparaged as fake news: a classic Trumpian tactic. That though, is absolutely ludicrous given that he accuses NBC and Maddow of the exact same thing: working to discredit President Trump.

No sir, President Trump discredits himself every time his twitter fingers get going, and every time he sends Sean Spicer out to lie for him, and every time Kellyanne Conway opens her mouth. In truth, the number of “alternative facts” coming out of Trump’s White House (which they try to pass as genuine fact) is astounding, and their blatant advocacy that “alternative facts” is in some way a valid and credible thing, discredits them.

Then, Sean Hannity goes on to say that these news outlets, along with people who are leaking information from the White House are in some way fundamentally endangering our democracy because they are inhibiting the ability of the president to “do the job that you the American people, elected him to do.” Except, the American people elected Hillary Clinton, Sean, the electoral college elected Donald Trump — and that’s an extremely important distinction.

From there, the show essentially degrades even further into a hate-fest of these news agencies, which including clips of news coverage from these groups which Hannity must feel provides some proof of their willingness to “spin any conspiracy to destroy the commander-in-chief.”

Finally, because he must not have said quite enough, he took to Twitter:

At the end of the day, Mr. Hannity, America wanted and deserved his tax returns, and the American people have a right to know about the potential for their president and his administration colluding with foreign entities. They also have a right to know about any other scandals within the White House which may compromise national security. Now, the American people will likely be trying to find out if you are on Trump’s payroll.

Watch Hannity making a total a*s of himself below, if you can stand it:

Feature Image screengrab via YouTube.

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