Trump Mocked Hard In Rapper Snoop Dogg’s Newest Music Video – We Have It Here


Sunday, Snoop Dogg released his newest music video: a remix of “Lavender” by BADBADNOTGOOD — and the Trump administration is about to lose their minds over it.

The video, along with the song, is meant to be highly political – focusing on the contentious topic of police brutality in America, but Snoop Dogg takes it one step further. In the video, he features an impersonation of President Donald Trump, as a clown, playing with a toy gun while Snoop Dogg points a gun directly at him.

Image is a screengrab via YouTube.
Image is a screengrab via YouTube.

“This is the final call,” he says as he takes aim at the smoking Trump-clown.

Snoop then pulls the trigger and it turns out that he fired a joke gun. In the video, Trump is not the only one who is dressed as a clown however, all of the actors within it are.

Snoop Dogg explained this to Billboard as being a commentary on the ineptitude of the current administration, saying:

‘The whole world is clownin’ around. If you really look at some of these motherf**kers, they are clowns.’

Kudos for describing the tough truth, Snoop!

During the 2016 election, Snoop did not remain impartial either. He endorsed the Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton and did not mince words when it came to her opponent, the now-president, Donald Trump.

As a part of a series of scathing remarks about Trump and his policies, Snoop Dogg said:

‘The ban that this motherf–ker tried to put up; him winning the presidency; police being able to kill motherf–kers and get away with it; people being in jail for weed for 20, 30 years and motherf–kers that’s not black on the streets making money off of it — but if you got color or ethnicity connected to your name, you’ve been wrongfully accused or locked up for it, and then you watching people not of color position themselves to get millions and billions off of it.’

Despite the controversial nature of the video however, he claims to not be “expect[ing] or look[ing] for a reaction.” He says that his intentions are far more pure than that, and just means for his music and videos to be a form of expression, and to embody “something that’s missing.”

Specifically, he feels that the music industry has not taken Trump the presidential candidate, nor Trump the president to task for his profound shortcomings. He says of the current state of the music industry that while there are a lot of “cool records” being released, they all depict people “having fun, partying” but that no one is doing anything of substance, particularly related to politics:

‘…Nobody’s dealing with the real issue with this f**king clown as president, and the sh*t that we dealing with out here.’

Still, many Americans likely did not expect Snoop Dogg to ever serve as the voice of reason for the rest of the music industry, but that is the role he is forging for himself with this song and video.

WATCH Snoop Dogg’s comedic and poignant depiction, in his music video here:

Feature Image screengrab via YouTube.

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