Dan Rather Just Responded To The Trump/Tax Return Debacle – You Have To See This


Dan Rather is one of the most respected names in journalism and has seen a lot over the course of his decades-long career. That’s probably why he was rather quick to speak out regarding Rachel Maddow’s coverage of Trump’s leaked tax returns.

In a Facebook post, Rather argued that the tax returns, which may have been leaked by Trump’s team, were distracting the public from more important issues.

‘Well the Donald Trump tax returns released last night seem more smokescreen than smoking gun. What started with suspicion of what was in them has now becomes suspicion of whether the Trump team leaked them as a diversion.

‘It bears reminding that we still haven’t seen any detailed filings for Mr. Trump from recent years, but in my reporter’s estimation, as important as that is, there are bigger stories to which we need to be devoting attention.’

From there Rather went on to outline what he considered to be the most important stories of the day and why he believes that Trump’s taxes merely serve as a smokescreen meant to distract the people from the real issues.

‘THE RUSSIA CONNECTION – a foreign power actively tried to undermine our election. This we know. The extent of that operation and the ties between Russia and close aides and allies to President Trump is a story that strikes at the very heart of our democratic machinery. I believe it must be investigated, by the press, by law enforcement, and by an independent bipartisan commission. I suspect we have much more to find out.’

The president’s relationship with Russia and Vladimir Putin has gotten a lot of press, but we have little in the way of hard facts simply because Trump has been rather contradictory about it. The only way to get to the bottom of this issue is to open an investigation into the matter and see where it leads.

The second issue that Rather discussed was the GOP’s healthcare plan and Trump’s apparent willingness to embrace a poorly conceived plan solely to score political points.

‘HEALTH CARE – after 7 years of complaining about Obamacare, the GOP has put forward a bill that seems to please no one except maybe its leadership in Congress, and it seems, at least from his initial response, President Trump. Will the President continue to try to own an effort that is spiraling (death spiraling?) out of control? Will infighting in his own party doom the bill? How will the public respond when it learns about the details, especially Mr. Trump’s strong base of older and poorer voters who stand to face some serious hurt? The success of a presidency can rise and fall with early legislative action in its term in office. This is a story that couldn’t be bigger in terms of policy, and politics.’

The aforementioned issues are both stories that have gotten a fair amount of coverage in recent months even if they haven’t gotten the attention that they deserve. However, the next issue is one that truly does appear to be undercovered and that is the growing problems with North Korea.

‘NORTH KOREA – I know no one really wants to have to think about this, but we have what seems to be an increasingly provocative and potentially unstable leader armed with nuclear weapons, and missile technology that seems to be rapidly improving … A misstep here, diplomatically or militarily, could have tremendously dire ramifications.’

For more information, you can read Rather’s full post here.

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