Federal Judge Issues Ruling On Trump’s Muslim Ban Less Than 24 Hrs Before Deadline


A federal judge in Hawaii issued a ruling on Trump’s revised Muslim travel ban on Tuesday afternoon, which temporarily banned all visas issued to applicants in six majority-Muslim countries.

The ban was set to take effect on Wednesday morning. U.S. District Judge Derrick K. Watson froze the implementation of the ban just hours before it was set to be implemented.

The Washington Post reports that:

‘The hearing in Hawaii came in response to a lawsuit filed by the state itself. Lawyers for Hawaii alleged the new travel ban, much like the old, violates the establishment clause of the First Amendment because it is essentially a Muslim ban, hurts the ability of state businesses and universities to recruit top talent and damages the state’s robust tourism industry.’

The judge flatly denied some of Trump’s most common argument for the constitutionality of the ban.

No matter how many times he’s been told, both during the election and now that he’s actually made it to the White House, Trump just doesn’t seem to understand that such a ban is unconstitutional.

Trump Twitter Meltdown Watch has officially begun.

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