JUST IN: Hillary Clinton Considering Major Political Move You Won’t Believe (DETAILS)


No matter the amount of hatred harbored by voters, the Clintons just can’t keep themselves out of politics, can they?

The celebrity gossip site TMZ is fueling speculation that former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton may run for the office of mayor of New York City. She would be up against the incumbent Bill de Blasio, who is a Democrat. Although Clinton and de Blasio are of the same political party, it’s never much occurred to her in the past that she perhaps ought to not mow down members of her own party for the purposes of her own personal political expediency, like she did to Bernie Sanders.

But hey, whatever floats her boat, right?

As TMZ reported on Wednesday:

‘Hillary Clinton was at a small gathering recently with some politically connected people in NYC, and it seems she’s noodling the idea of running for mayor. A source who was at the gathering last month says Hillary told the group she… is taking a real look at it. We’re told she was talking to people in her close circle to gauge the level of interest and support in a Clinton candidacy. Our source made it clear… judging from the meeting, so far it’s just talk.’

There have been a steady stream of reports in recent months implying that the former Democratic presidential candidate is considering running for the mayor’s office. TMZ says that they tried to reach out to Hillary to confirm the veracity of this latest report, but to no avail.

The New York Post reported a few days after Trump’s inauguration that major political insiders told them that Clinton was “50/50” about whether or not she’d launch a bid for the New York mayor’s office.

John Catsimatidis, the billionaire owner of the Gristedes Foods supermarket chain, commented at the time of the speculation surrounding Clinton, “I spoke to her about it, but she didn’t indicate or signal to me [whether she would run]. She didn’t say never, she didn’t say no. In my personal opinion, it’s 50-50.”

A Quinnipiac University poll released shortly before this New York Post report indicated that Clinton would likely win in a landslide were she to run against de Blasio as an Independent.

As CBS News reported at the time:

‘Hillary Clinton would dominate a hypothetical race for mayor of New York City against incumbent Mayor Bill de Blasio if she were to run as an independent, according to a Quinnipiac University survey… The poll found that 49 percent would back Clinton… while only 29 percent would support de Blasio.’

It’s curious how she doesn’t seem to get the message of the 2016 election results; namely, that the present incarnation of her message isn’t helpful.

And that’s putting it nicely.

It’s important to note again that Clinton has made no public indication that she plans to run for mayor of New York City. Were she to make such a run, and stick with the Democratic Party, the deadline to file for the Democratic primary is July 1.

Featured Image via Justin Sullivan/ Getty Images.

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