Popular Trump Ally Says The U.S. Government Just Tried To Assassinate Him (VIDEO)


Trump pal Roger Stone has completely lost his damn mind. Today, in an interview on Alex Jones’ ‘Info Wars,’ Stone said the U.S. government is responsible for a fender bender he was in on Wednesday afternoon. Stone amazingly survived the ‘hit job’ without any real harm done to him.

First, if the United States of America wanted you dead, you’d be dead. Second, if the United States of America wanted you dead, they would do much more than cause a minor hit-and-run accident that couldn’t hurt anyone.

Stone said this about the accident:

“It didn’t seem like an accident to me. I am a consistent critic of the Deep State that’s why I think I’m targeted.”

Stone tweeted almost immediately after the collision, saying:

“Car I was in T-boned by large grey 4 door – dark tinted windshield – I was passenger side.”

As well as a tweet that says:

“I am fine after suspicious hit and run. Blurred vision in right eye on which I had surgery for detached retina sustained in boxing match. Air bags saved me from serious injury – insist on doing my @InfoWars stint at 3 pm EST.”

This is a complete joke, and just one more sign that Trump and everyone he associates himself with are so far from reality that they don’t even remember to color of the sky.

Check out the video below via YouTube:

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