Rapper T.I. Brutally Insults Trump On Social Media To Defend Snoop Dogg (IMAGE)


After Donald Trump had a cranky morning on his Twitter account, which included insulting rapper Snoop Dogg, T.I. clapped back.

Clifford Harris Jr., also known as T.I., jumped to defend his friend and fellow rapper Calvin Broadus, also known as Snoop Dogg, after Donald Trump tweeted an insult at the iconic rapper.

After discovering that he was lampooned in Snoop Dogg’s brand new music video, “BADBADNOTGOOD,” a video full of people dressed as clowns, including a faux Donald Trump, Trump’s un-presidential side (which is his only side) made an appearance on twitter. Trump insisted that the incredibly successful rapper’s career was failing and implied that he deserved jail time for a scene in which the clown president gets shot in the head by a gag gun — one with a flag that says “Bang!”

Donald Trump has always had a thin skin, but never has it been more apparent than during his presidential campaign and now that he’s been elected to serve in the highest office of the land. Even the most minor of jabs sets his pride on fire and unfortunately he does not possess the intelligence to rise above or, I don’t know, focus on his job.

Rapper T.I. utilized his Instagram account to respond to Trump’s tweet, calling out our clown president in defense of his colleague. Though it’s explicit, he makes several valid points about Trump.

It’s time that Donald Trump realized that he will never silence those who see him for what he really is, including incredibly successful artists whose bodies of work stretch across decades. And if you don’t want T.I. to verbally b*tch slap you, don’t insult his friends.

You can watch the music video that features a Trump like figure below, courtesy of YouTube:

Featured Image via Getty Images

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