You Will Never Believe What The Wall Street Journal Just Publicly Endorsed (DETAILS)


On Tuesday, the right-leaning Wall Street Journal officially endorsed the American Health Care Act, meant to replace-and-repeal Obamacare.

The Wall Street Journal is well known as a right-leaning media outlet, but it certainly surprised a few people when the editorial board backed the controversial GOP Healthcare Plan.

The WSJ editorial board said:

‘If conservatives fumble this repeal-and-replace moment, they won’t get another chance. And they’ll have squandered their best opening in a generation to control the size and scope of the federal Leviathan.’

This editorial comes as a conflict within the GOP intensifies over the proposed health care plan, meant to replace ObamaCare. The American Health Care Act, or TrumpCare, was praised by the editorial board, citing the cuts to Medicare and doing away with the Affordable Care Act’s penalties.

The editorial board at the Wall Street Journal argues:

‘Conservative critics are discounting these and other benefits because the bill isn’t everything they imagine, but they’re missing a larger, rarer opportunity.’

Conservative Republicans are calling the AHCA “Obamacare lite.” This doesn’t settle well with President Donald Trump, who fully supports the proposed healthcare plan. CNN reports that Trump told the House Republicans that the 2018 midterm election will be a “bloodbath” should the AHCA not be voted in, replacing Obamacare.

According to the WSJ, the bill is a good thing mainly due to the fact that the Congressional Budget Office projects it will reduce the federal deficit by $337 billion over a ten year span. It warns conservatives not to miss the opportunity to prevent debt crisis and tax increases.

While those projections were made, the CBO also projects that some 24 million Americans could be in danger of losing their health insurance over the next ten years.

The editorial still insists:

‘CBO shows the bill is a far-reading advance for the market principles and limited government that conservatives usually favor.’

Many conservative Republicans are in favor of making large cuts to Medicaid but several GOP members are critical of making cuts to Medicaid of any kind.

‘Absent reform, the brutal budget math is that the U.S. is headed for a debt crisis. The longer Washington waits, the more painful and politically convulsive the corrections will be.’

While the endorsement isn’t shocking, coming from the Wall Street Journal, it is one of few endorsements that the AHCA has received. AHCA has received several denouncements, notably from the American Nurses Association, the American Medical Association, and the American Hospital Association. If hospitals, nurses, and doctors don’t approve of the American Health Care Act, that’s a good indicator that this nightmare of a bill, that promised so much and will give very little, does not deserve support.

Outside of House Republicans and the Trump administration, the AHCA hasn’t been very popular with Democrats or Republicans. After the Congressional Budget Office gave its estimates of the healthcare plan, it’s clear that millions of Americans won’t be able to hold onto or obtain insurance. Will the country save billions? Perhaps, but at what cost to the citizens of the United States?

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