McDonald’s Just Hilariously Trolled Trump On Twitter – This Is A Must See (TWEET)


President Trump is a big fan of McDonald’s food. He even appeared in a commercial for McDonald’s advertising the sandwich called the Big ‘n’ Tasty at one time.

McDonald’s doesn’t apparently appear to be a fan of Trump, though. Twitter followers of the fast food corporation were treated to a surprise on Wednesday morning when a pinned tweet at the top of McDonald’s Twitter page announced:


The tweet was later deleted, but not before screenshots of the hilarious tweet were captured and circulated by delighted anti-Trumpers.

McDonald’s joins a growing list of well-known companies who have spoken out publicly about their opposition to Donald Trump’s policies, especially his racist, xenophobic, and unconstitutional Muslim ban.

For a real treat with no calories, imagine the look on Trump’s face when he sees or hears about the tweet. It’s almost sweeter than a McDonald’s apple pie or chocolate shake, isn’t it?

We’re lovin’ it.

For Trump’s 2002 McDonald’s commercial, see video below.

Featured image screengrab via YouTube


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