W.H. Secretary Sean Spicer Just Said Obama Had Britain Spy On Trump (VIDEO)


Last week the House Intelligence Committee asked the Trump administration to furnish evidence that former President Obama was involved in the illegal wiretapping of Trump Tower during the 2016 election. Their request for documentation pertaining to this issue stems from Trump having outlandishly accused against President Obama, but not supporting his claim with proof when he tweeted:

The Intelligence Committee asked Trump to come up with evidence by Monday, but to date, he has failed to do so. However, in true Trump fashion, what he has done is come up with another ludicrous conspiracy theory:  President Obama’s wiretapping was enabled, supported, and/or otherwise made possible with the help of Britain.

Once more, Trump has supplied no evidence to support his claim that one of America’s closest allies conspired against him.

On Thursday, Sean Spicer went in front of reporters to defend Trump’s latest foolery. Spicer was guarded, defensive, and unwilling to show any degree of understanding as to why people are so concerned about the Trump administration’s desire to make and stick to their accusations, despite not having produced any supporting data.

In the usual Trump administration way of blame, deflect, deny, and lie, Spicer boldly went in front of the press and accused them of trying “to perpetuate a false narrative” against Donald Trump. The press is wrong for seeking answers and proof where Trump’s allegations are concerned; Donald Trump is the innocent victim.

That backwards train of thought also led Spicer to claim that the disclosure by the Justice Department that no evidence has been found supporting any alleged wrongdoing by President Obama, isn’t really their finding at all. Spicer asserted:

‘They’re not findings. There’s a statement out today they have not begun this. Two days ago the Department of Justice asked for an additional week. The statement clearly says at this time that they don’t believe that.’

Spicer also said that House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes supports Trump’s allegation even though Nunes said he doesn’t believe wiretapping took place. To be clear, Nunes didn’t beat around the bush, he flat out said he doesn’t believe President Obama did anything wrong:

‘I don’t believe just in the last week of time, the people we’ve talked to — I don’t think there was an actual tap of Trump Tower.’

Sean Spicer carrying the Trump torch of lies and baseless claims can be viewed in the video below:

Featured Image screengrab via ABC News.

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