WATCH: Paul Ryan Just Bluntly Shut Down Trump’s Wiretapping Accusations (VIDEO)


House Speaker Paul Ryan just blew Donald Trump’s story. On Thursday, while being questioned, Ryan eliminated Trump’s accusations that Former President Barack Obama wiretapped the Trump Tower prior to the election in November. Ryan might have just caused some bad blood between himself and Trump. Trump is going to be furious, but he will have some nonsense reasoning behind the accusation.

Ryan explained:

‘The intelligence committees — in their continuing, ongoing, and widening investigation into all things Russia — got to the bottom, at least so far with respect to our intelligence community, that no such wiretap existed.’

Following Ryan’s explanation, a journalist asked him to touch on the interview between Trump and Tucker Carlson from Fox News. In said interview, Trump was adamant that a wiretap was actually set up.

Ryan harshly responded:

‘I didn’t see his interview.’

He then added:

‘We’ve cleared that up. We see no evidence of that.’

Ryan made sure that the reporters clearly understood that there was no evidence and that the accusations were proven to be false.

Why Trump’s administration continues to lie during questioning is baffling. They have made themselves look like fools repeatedly. You’d think they would get tired of having to constantly cover their asses.

Even the Congressional Republicans are at their wits end with the absurd and false accusations with no evidence to support them, which Trump makes when he gets pissed and takes to Twitter to rant. The Congressional Republicans have to waste their time to look further into the accusations to either prove or disprove them.

On Wednesday Devin Nunes of California, the House Intelligence Committee Chairman, threatened to serve the Trump administration with a court order in hopes of getting additional details to support the accusations against Obama. Nunes threat was unpredictable considering he is usually a reliable Trump accomplice. Trump is slowly handing his allies the scissors to cut all ties with him.

You can watch Ryan answering questions from the press below:

Featured image screengrab via video.

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