Dictionary.com Just Trolled Spicer’s Press Briefing So Hard, Even Trump Felt It (IMAGES)


The Trump administration may very well go down as the most ignorant in history. First, they recreated the definition of “lie,” tried to make it mean something else and gave it a whole new name. Next, they started concocting events that didn’t happen, then attempted to justify those lies.

Now, in what has to be the most humiliating display of stupidity in the history of presidential administrations, Dictionary.com has taken Donald Trump and his staff to school. Literally.

During Spicer’s press conference on Thursday, he said:

‘There’s this assumption in Washington, Jonathan, that if you get less money, it’s a cut.’

Taking money from something, is a cut, though. Dictionary.com felt the need to tell Spicer just that in this true, but totally hilarious tweet:

Per the usual, the Twitter went wild and people didn’t hold back their love for Dictionary.com’s eloquent, witty, and timely response to Spicer:

Dictionary.com’s shade was real, but it didn’t end with putting Spicer in his place and educating him on the meaning of the word, “cut.” The site also used their platform to totally shame Trump and his supporters around their ridiculous so-called boycott of Hawaii.

That tweet serves as a reminder that Hawaiians and those who don’t support the hateful white nationalist policies of the Trump administration, won’t be forced to do anything as a result of the so-called boycott. There is no intimidation and the state won’t be bothered, bought, or coerced into caving to Trump’s bullying.

Dictionary.com’s eloquent use of facts, word meaning, and simple failure to use a resource as accessible as the dictionary proves that Trump’s greatest enemy isn’t the media, it’s Trump and his staff. Inversely, the greatest enemy of the American people isn’t the press at all, it’s the blatant and overall ignorance of the Trump administration.

The press conference at which Spicer proved his lack of ability to correctly use a three letter word that can be found in the dictionary, correctly, is below:

Featured Image via Getty/Chip Somodevilla/Staff


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