JUST IN: Trump Appoints Kellyanne Conway’s Husband To Disturbing W.H. Role


Politics truly makes strange bedfellows, for there was a time when Kellyanne Conway went on the record to blast Donald Trump in many of the same ways his critics are still doing. Here, Conway is seen dragging Trump’s business dealings through the mud. In this video she can be heard saying Ted Cruz is “more presidential” than Trump.

What a difference a contentious election makes, right? The Kellyanne many Americans now know and are tired of is the one who lies and makes excuses for Trump’s shady ways. Her strange brand of two-faced loyalty may have paid off.

POLITICO reports that Kellyanne’s husband, George Conway, is the front-runner to lead the Department of Justice’s Civil Division. How’s that for nepotism?

As whispers around this hiring possibility hit social media, Twitter users reacted to the prospect of having Conway’s husband added to Trump’s cadre of crooked conspirators:

If actually hired, George Conway’s charge would be huge: Defend Donald Trump’s travel ban, among other things. Conway has already been snubbed for one job on Trump’s staff, he was previously being considered for the position of solicitor general, the attorney who argues cases in front of the Supreme Court.

Conway is currently a partner at the firm Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz, the firm that represented some of the plaintiffs in the case against former President Bill Clinton.

It looks like Kellyanne’s lies weren’t in vain, after all.

Featured Image via Getty/Mark Makela/Contributor

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