Trump Commits Moronic Gaffe During LIVE Press Conference – Turns Bright Red


When you think about Donald Trump having a meeting about anything that impacts the goings-on of any government entity, you naturally assume that the agency head will be there too, right? Well, remember what they say about when you assume.

In the case of Donald Trump having a meeting about Veterans, Secretary of Veterans Affairs, David Shulkin, will not be there. Not only will Shulkin be absent from the meeting taking place at Trump’s Mar a Lago Resort, Donald Trump didn’t know that Shulkin won’t be there.

Imagine that, evidence of the Trump administration not having a single clue about even what they’re doing, keeps adding up. During a Friday press conference, Trump said a lot about nothing, all of which was perfectly captured in a tweet from CNBC producer, Steve Kopack:

Those who saw Kopack’s tweet also noted the lack of communication around Trump’s meeting at his own resort (that he says everyone “affectionately calls the Southern White House“) and the staffer whose agency will be discussed, not being present at that meeting. People took to Twitter to express their thoughts:

With the level of neglect and mistreatment Vets have endured over the years, fears around Trump’s reckless spending cuts and how they’ll impact Veterans, are real. With that in mind, this tweet is perhaps the most telling about people’s thoughts as to why Trump’s VA Secretary won’t be in at Friday night’s meeting:

At a time when people are fearful that Trump will reduce spending for programs that support Veterans, to nothing, he is worried about using his position to brand his personal business as “the Southern White House.”

While VA Secretary, Dr. Shulkin won’t be at Trump’s meeting about the Department of Veterans Affairs, Steve Kopack states that someone who likely has ties to Trump’s personal business dealings, will be present:

Donald Trump never ceases to let the American people know that everyone and everything but the American people are his priority.

Featured Image screengrab via Twitter.


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