Trump’s Favorite Fox News Approval Polls Released – He Is Going To Freak Out


Despite his relative low-approval ratings and frequent war with the press, there’s one group that seems to consistently have Trump’s back, and that is the conservatives. There are few groups more conservative than Fox News viewers, but it turns out that even they are starting to turn against Trump.

In terms of Trump’s alleged ties with Russia, it appears that a strong majority of Fox News viewers are beginning to question Trump’s claims that he has no ties to the country. According to a Fox News viewer poll, 63 percent of those surveyed say Congress should investigate Trump’s ties to Russia.

However, Trump’s ties to Russia aren’t the only area where Fox News viewers break with the president. Fox News viewers were polled on a wide array of issues and, on no issue, did Trump earn even 50 percent approval.

It’s rather interesting that one of Trump’s weakest areas was in healthcare. Fox News has spent the past six years railing against the Affordable Care Act, but now it turns out that their viewers prefer it over the GOP’s plan. As a general rule, most of Fox News’ viewers tend to be older, rural voters and those voters would stand to lose the most under the Republican’s healthcare plan.

The area that Trump earns the most support, at 47 percent, is in terms of the economy. This is a bit more understandable since the economy is currently fairly strong though that is thanks more to President Obama than Trump. As of right now, Trump has done little to improve the economy, but he has made sure to take credit for Obama’s actions or simple market forces. Once Trump’s actual economic policies go into effect, it will be interesting to see if conservatives still support him.

Seeing real data to demonstrate that Republicans are losing faith in President Trump finally, is good news for America.

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