A 5-Year Old On The ‘Ellen’ Show Delivers A Hilarious Burn On Trump (VIDEO)


When Ellen DeGeneres decided to have a 5-year old geography whiz on her show, she couldn’t have guessed that the kid would turn the interview political.

Five-year-old geography wizard Nate Seltzer loves memorizing countries, and totally crushed an impromptu quiz that Ellen gave him using oversized flash cards. He correctly identified a whole set of national flags, then moved on to naming a set of countries, both obvious and obscure, based entirely on their shapes.

The real gem of the meeting came when Ellen asked little Nate to talk about a map he’d drawn, though. The boy genius had outlined a crude world map, with a few identifying features for each country: Pyramids for Egypt, a large cat for South Africa, and ice cubes for Antarctica, among others.

When Ellen’s attention turned to Russia, though, she pointed out a strange humanoid figure standing right in the center. When she asked him about what it represented, Nate grinned and told her the answer is “really funny.” Ellen pressed him, and he replied, simply, “Trump,” to a round of raucous laughter and applause from the audience.

When Ellen asked why Nate had made that particular choice, he replied “Because he likes Russia.”

Indeed he does, little fella. Indeed he does.

It’s hard to believe the moment wasn’t planned somewhat in advance, but it was still hilarious. Ellen herself has a rich history of ripping on the polarizing president. When he was much newer to the White House, Trump hosted a screening of Finding Dory, and Ellen used the opportunity to mercilessly mock his proposed border wall.

But the talk show host and outspoken advocate for LGBT rights hasn’t restricted her commentary to the lighthearted. After the Trump administration announced that they would rescind federal guidelines for protecting LGBT students, DeGeneres took to Twitter to criticize the order in the most sober of terms.

You can watch the full video of little Nate’s epic burn below:

Image via screen capture

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