Check Out Ted Cruz’s Face When He’s Asked If Trump Can Be Trusted (VIDEO)


There are many reasons not to trust Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX). Perhaps tops on that list is the fact that Kellyanne Conway once advocated for him, as hard as she does Donald Trump.  She even went as far as saying that Cruz is “more presidential,” than Trump.

Everyone knows how honest and trustworthy, diplomatic, and professional Kellyanne Conway has proven herself {not} to be.

Cruz once positioned himself as one of Donald Trump’s biggest adversaries. Often making their feud personal, not political, Trump took cheap shots at Cruz seemingly every chance he got, even going as far as tweeting about Cruz’s wife:

Cruz in turn has called Trump a “pathological liar” and “narcissist;” he said Trump was a “sniveling coward” and a “bully.” However, in recent month’s, Cruz has been true to the norm of many GOP members and flip-flopped where Trump is concerned, often engaging in chummy behavior with the “sniveling coward, pathological liar, narcissist bully,” Trump.

So when Cruz, someone who has proven himself not to be trustworthy, fails to answer whether or not he feels Trump, another person who has shown he lacks candor, can be trusted, it’s extremely difficult to know how to respond. That really happened, though.

On Sunday’s, Meet the Press, Cruz was reminded about Donald Trump’s comments about Cruz’s father being linked to the assassination of former President John F. Kennedy. That reminder served as a connection to Trump’s propensity to make baseless claims. The connection to Trump’s propensity to make baseless claims was the segway to Cruz being asked if Trump can be trusted.

A simple yes or no question, Cruz didn’t answer. Instead, Cruz went into a long drawn out statement about how he feels former President Obama targeted groups that defended the Constitution. Cruz reminded that although Trump has provided no evidence supporting his wiretapping claims, the agencies that could provide that documentation, work for him, a fact that should make it easier to support his allegations with proof.

Cruz’s full interview segment is found here.

To see Cruz fail to answer the simple yes or no question about whether or not Trump can be trusted, watch below:

Featured Image screenshot via YouTube.

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