Eric Trump’s Latest Television Interview Will Make The POTUS Fighting Mad (VIDEO)


Donald Trump’s kids have now made a solid name for themselves as the poster children for the arrogant, ignorant upper class. Eric seems to be the worst of the bunch, having said things that would even sound stupid coming out of the mouth of right-wing lunatics like Alex Jones.

But during his most recent interview, he reached a new low of cluelessness, spouting off to Fox News about how much fun it is to have a dad in the White House. Eric and his brother Donald Trump Jr. are currently running their dad’s empire without a single regard for the massive conflicts of interest arising from such close proximity to the presidency. The New Yorker writes:

‘It’s difficult to keep track of the ways in which the norms and ethical standards that have long governed the personal financial interests of the President have been breached in only a short time… the Trump Organization has not gone out of its way to assuage concerns about overt profiteering…’

For example, the “blind trust” that should have been set up to prevent Trump from profiting off of his position is under the direct control of his kids. This is a blatant sleight to the spirit of such a measure. To make matters worse, the Trump Organization has clear plans to grow in ways that are clearly emboldened by it’s CEO’s new-found power. Of course Eric, being sadly tone-deaf to the massive threats to democracy inherent to such practices, blatantly avoided clear questions about them, instead choosing to prattle on about dad’s tax returns.

‘It’s really sad that we’re in an environment where tax returns are leaked by whoever it may be. I mean, just think about it. Just think how dangerous that is, how third world that is of a practice to happen when personal information is being put out by people for political agendas. As a civilian it’s actually scary to me.’

Not to deny Eric his right to be scared of stupid things, but the release of tax returns has been standard for every president since Richard Nixon. It also might behoove the president’s entitled son not to invoke the term “third world” with such a transparent sneer. It’s a dark day indeed for American dignity.

Watch the whole ridiculous affair below:

Image via Getty/Spencer Platt.

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