‘Fox News Sunday’ Goes Completely Off The Rails – Tension On Set Palpable (VIDEO)


A Fox News Sunday segment went completely awry when a left-leaning panelist, Neera Tanden, called out the network and other panelists on their “fake news” language around the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

Tanden is the president of the Center for American Progress and joining her on the panel were Karl Rove, who served as a policy advisor for President George W. Bush, Rachel Campos-Duffy, a former reality TV show star turned right-wing political commentator, and Ezekiel Emanuel, one of the writers of the ACA.

Despite the report from the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) that said that the American Healthcare Act (ACHA) would leave 24 million people without insurance over the next 10 years in comparison to the ACA, Campos-Duffy continued to push the GOP talking point that the ACA will “collapse” on its own by saying the plan is “in a death spiral.” Emanuel was the first to call out that false claim.

‘Can we just have some serious news? The CBO said there was no “death spiral,” so that’s not accurate.’

Campos-Duffy stammered her way through a response, pushing yet another GOP talking point about the ACHA allowing for insurance competition “across state lines.” There have been numerous reports released showing that allowing insurance companies to sell their policies across state lines would not be in any way effective in lowering healthcare costs, but proof means little to the GOP in this particular fight.

They’ve fought against the ACA for too long to give up on that one now.

Tanden pointed out to Campos-Duffy that in her own husband, Sean Duffy’s (R-WI), district, 45,000 people are projected to lose their healthcare under Paul Ryan’s ACHA plan. As both Campos-Duffy and host Chris Wallace continued to push all the reasons the GOP agrees that the ACA is “collapsing,” Tanden had finally had enough.

‘The Affordable Care Act, the CBO said, is not collapsing. This is false. It is fake news from you guys…there are places premiums have increased, but the Affordable Care Act is stable. And the reality is that what unwinds the insurance markets is what “Ryancare” or “Trumpcare” will do.’

For the full segment, see video below:

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