JUST IN: Hawaiian Judge Doubles Down On His Muslim Ban Ruling – Get Ready


One of the core pledges of President Donald Trump’s campaign was that he would institute a ban on Muslims entering the United States. Unfortunately, it’s one of the few promises that the president has tried to keep. Shortly after the courts blocked his first ban, he issued a revised version of the Muslim ban.

According to POLITICO, however, a federal judge in Hawai recently blocked the executive order, declaring it unconstitutional. The Justice Department recently asked him to narrow his ruling to only include the portion of the order that limits travel from the six countries listed on in the ban.

The order that was issued on Wednesday does more than simply block the portion of the ban pertaining to those seven countries. It also places an injunction against the executive order’s provisions requiring the U.S. to cease taking in refugees for 120 days, capping the number of refugees that can enter the country this year at 50,000, and ordering studies on how to best increase the vetting process of refugees.

In a ruling released in response to the Justice Department’s request, U.S. District Court Judge Derrick Watson denied their motion to limit the order’s restrictions.

‘The Motion … asks the Court to make a distinction that the Federal Defendants’ previous briefs and arguments never did. As important, there is nothing unclear about the scope of the Court’s order….(“Defendants…are hereby enjoined from enforcing or implementing Sections 2 and 6 of the Executive Order across the Nation.”). The Federal Defendants’ Motion is DENIED.’

In their filing, attorneys for the plaintiffs which include the state of Hawaii and Imam Ismail Elshikh, called the government’s claims “meritless.”

‘The notion that the Court’s Order would preclude Executive Branch consultation or trench on executive prerogatives is meritless. The Court’s Order merely prevents executive branch action under the auspices of an illegal Executive Order. The Government could engage in appropriate consultations independent of this order; it simply cannot do so as part and parcel of effectuating the President’s promise to implement a Muslim ban.’

A spokesperson for Hawaii Attorney General Douglas Chin issued a brief statement praising the judge’s decision of Judge Watson.

‘We always believed the court’s order was clear and agree with its decision to deny the Department of Justice’s motion.’

The Department of Justice did not return POLITICO’s request for a comment on the ruling through the Trump administration is already appealing a ruling by Maryland Judge Theodore Chuang. That particular ruling did, in fact, only concern itself with the implementation of Trump’s travel ban so it is unclear as to how the Justice Department would have responded even if they had received a favorable ruling today.

Trump himself has not yet issued any statements regarding this ruling. Given his penchant for commenting on the judicial branch’s decisions regarding his ban, it’s possible we’ll see something in the coming hours. However, given the fact that Trump’s tweets have came back to haunt him in courts, it is possible that his advisers have convinced him to keep off Twitter regarding ongoing court proceedings.

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