Paul Ryan Just Went On ‘Fox News Sunday’ And Immediately Regretted It (VIDEO)


There really doesn’t seem to be many fans of the new GOP healthcare bill. When the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) released its report on the financial impact to the American people as well as the projected number of people who would lose healthcare over the next ten years, 24 million people, it lost most of its remaining supporters.

The bill’s most vocal remaining champion, Paul Ryan, appeared on Fox News Sunday and was interviewed by Chris Wallace about the devastating report and whether or not any of it changed Paul Ryan’s mind about the American Healthcare Act going forward in its current form.

In short, he hasn’t changed his mind about anything, despite these reports. The same man who wistfully recalled his college memories of drinking “out of a keg” and dreaming of ending Medicaid for the poor, elderly, and disabled continued to defend it while squirming under Wallace’s barrage of questions.

Chris Wallace began by asking:

‘The Congressional Budget Office…came out with a pretty dramatic forecast and they said that 24 million fewer Americans will have health insurance under your plan. You said that part of that is that this is “what freedom looks like”…is the major decrease in the number of people, according to the CBO, who will lose health insurance, is it “freedom” or is it that some people will no longer be able to afford health insurance under your plan?’

Ryan continued to push the GOP agreed-upon language about President Obama’s Affordable Care Act in defense of his pet project, the American Healthcare Act.

‘Obamacare’s not going to last. There’s no way Obamacare could stick another two or three years, let alone 10 years. And so they’re comparing an Obamacare plan that’s mythical, that won’t exist in 10 years.’

Bloomberg reported in December that the idea of the Affordable Care Act “collapsing under it’s own weight” was what GOP lawmakers agreed to use as their argument for repealing it. Even Trump, who also made the most ridiculous comment ever when he said that “no one knew health care could be so complicated,” has used the words “collapsing” and “imploding” when discussing the ACA.

The GOP says it over and over again, but they never explain what that means or where they’re getting that data. Nevertheless, their constituents agree that this is true, as evidenced by a recent Fox News poll.

Image via Fox News

For the full answers to Chris Wallace’s questions on the new healthcare plan, see video below:

Featured image screengrab via YouTube

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