FBI Inquiry Forces GOP To Betray Trump – Marco Rubio Goes For The Throat (VIDEO)


Not many elected GOP officials have the courage to come out against President Trump, in fact, the silence of many on both sides of the aisle has a deafening ring, as we with smaller voices are unable to be heard, just hoping our representatives will speak out for us.

Senator Marco Rubio has come out in the past against Donald Trump, but what he just said at a rally Monday afternoon is sure to fuel the feud between the two politicians. At the windy outdoor event, Rubio asked the crowd:

“Can this country afford to have a president under investigation by the FBI?”

The crowd shouted back, “No!” and applauded the direct diss on President Trump.

From Twitter fights to Rubio relentlessly badgering Trump’s cabinet nominees, these two have quite the rocky history, and it looks as through it will only get worse.

Check out the video below courtesy of Twitter:

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