Joe Biden Announces Return To Politics – The Reason Will Make Trump Go Insane


With Republicans clamoring to get the Affordable Care Act repealed now that a president open to their plans has taken office, Vice President Joe Biden is reportedly going to come out of retirement to help the Democrats try and put a stop to the Republicans’ plans.

The Hill is reporting:

‘Former Vice President Joe Biden will return to Washington, D.C., Wednesday to join Democrats rallying to save ObamaCare in one of his first major public appearances since leaving office. Biden will join House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and other Democratic leaders on the front steps of the Capitol to mark the seventh anniversary of ObamaCare’s passage, Pelosi’s office said Monday.’

The Affordable Care Act, otherwise known as ObamaCare, has provided health coverage to tens of millions of people who wouldn’t otherwise have it. It’s done this both through subsidies designed to help people be able to buy health insurance and through expanding the national Medicaid program.

A Supreme Court ruling handed down soon after the ACA was first implemented declared the Obama Administration’s plans to force states to expand their respective Medicaid programs to be unconstitutional. Thus, not all states have seen the benefits from an ACA-prompted expanded Medicaid program. States that refused to enact a Medicaid expansion include a smattering of Republican majority states around the country.

Even with the status of the Medicaid expansion, the mandate that every individual must have health insurance has remained intact, as have the taxes and subsidies that are required to make that a reality.

This whole program, which has, as mentioned, provided health coverage to tens of millions of people who wouldn’t have it otherwise, is newly vulnerable to the Republicans now that Trump is in office.

Republican Congressional leaders have been hopscotching their ObamaCare repeal and replacement plan through the House of Representatives in recent weeks, although the plan has met a firestorm of opposition.

Quite frankly, it’s only Congressional Republicans who prioritize corporate profits over keeping people alive and well. Should TrumpCare be enacted, wealthy individuals and private insurance companies will get a major gift to their finances, while poor Americans will be made more vulnerable than they were before. Trump and his cronies defend their plan by citing the burden placed on wealthy Americans by the ACA associated taxes as supposedly inappropriate.

That’s a really crappy defense though, seeing as, again, most people prioritize life over money, unlike the Republicans trying to force TrumpCare through.

Thus, Biden is going to be coming out of retirement to join the Democrats gathering on the occasion of the seventh anniversary of the ACA’s passage in an effort to garner public energy towards at least keeping the key provisions of the ACA intact.

Among the other efforts to build up public support for the ACA is the “Save My Care” bus tour, which hit dozens of major cities from Washington, D.C., to Phoenix, Arizona, in the first few months of this year.

It’s not immediately clear if TrumpCare will end up having enough support to pass in its present form.

Featured Image via Paul Morigi/Getty Images.

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