JUST IN: Russia Warns NATO Of Nuclear Arms Race – This is Terrifying (DETAILS)


Russia has long been a source of tension for America, and since Donald Trump entered the realm of U.S. politics, that struggle has only become more real. Now, in the middle of the FBI’s investigation into the POTUS’ interaction with Russia during his presidential campaign, Russia is giving America even more grief.

According to Newsweek:

“Russia has warned NATO that increased activity near its borders could spiral into a new arms race.”

Just a couple weeks ago, the speaker of Russia’s upper house of parliament promised that Russia would be involved in no sort of nuclear arms race, as President Trump described in a television interview just last month.

Russia believes that the 4,000 troops deployed by NATO across various countries is a direct threat to them. Despite Russia’s military forces far outnumbering and out-resourcing said NATO actions, the Kremlin says the move is an aggressive one.

Moscow’s NATO representative made this statement:

“In general, this whole host of activities, coupled with the heightened activity—by which I mean the exercises and other training that NATO carries out almost daily near our borders—all of this creates a new reality. We know from the history of the Cold War that such a mixture of military planning and politics largely leads to a spiral of an arms race, to a spiral of confrontation, from which it is difficult to exit.”

NATO spokesperson Oana Lungescu responded by saying:

“Every country has the right to exercise its forces, and this is what NATO allies do, fully in line with our international commitments. Our exercises are conducted across the territory of NATO allies, not specifically on the border with any country. NATO is a defensive alliance and our exercises are not directed against any nation. We are transparent about our exercises—the schedule of NATO and national exercises can be found on the NATO website—and NATO allies regularly invite international observers, including those from Russia. We invite Russia to be just as transparent.”

She continued:

“Russia has consistently refused NATO offers for reciprocal, mandatory and predictable military transparency. It is Russia’s pattern of military manoeuvres and deliberate avoidance of transparency and predictability that are increasing tensions, rather than helping to de-escalate them. “

What’s next?

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