Protesters Awaiting Air Force One In KY Give Trump Unwanted Welcome (VIDEOS)


Our former reality star turned president, Donald Trump, held a rally in Louisville, Kentucky Monday where he was met by a massive group of protestors.

Someone forgot to tell Donald Trump that his campaign is over. Concluding he’s unclear on that fact is the only logical reason he’d still be holding rallies.

Today, our confused commander-in-chief, held a rally in Louisville. He even tweeted his own horn before his arrival.

Despite what he’d like you to believe, Donald Trump isn’t greeted by fanfare constantly when he’s out and about. On the contrary, while many Trump supporters were in attendance at the rally, there were 700+ protesters ready for him when Air Force One landed in Kentucky.

Chris Kenning, of USA Today, was there, and captured video of protesters booing as Air Force One was landing:

Despite the the fact that Kentucky is a red state, it’s also got it’s fair share of citizens that are none too pleased with the shoddy job he’s doing just three months into his presidency, and wanted their voices to be heard.

Kenning captured both photo and video of the crowd throughout the day, which he shared on Twitter.

After the rally, as people began exiting the building, though they were kept apart, the crowds could be seen exchanging insults, and protest chants. But as of just minutes ago, police were seen protecting protesters instead of blocking them, from angry, radical Trump supporters.

Perhaps Donald Trump should try telling his minions to behave themselves. Sad!

Featured Image via Getty Images

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