Top Republican Says Donald Trump Is Just Too Dumb To Be President (VIDEO)


Donald Trump may be too dumb to be president of the United States according to a former Florida Republican representative David Jolly. Monday morning he shocked the CNN Newsroom panel when he said Trump was not “intellectually qualified” to serve in his present position.

At the time of Jolly’s eye-opening comment, CNN’s Poppy Harlow was questioning whether Trump should apologize to President Barack Obama, should the wiretapping accusation be wrong. She was referring to the current president’s claim that his predecessor feloniously listening into 45’s campaign dialogues. That is when Jolly delved into Trump’s serious limitations.

Jolly commented on CNN:

‘There’s a bigger issue, whether this president is intellectually qualified to be President of the United States.’

Harlow was surprised by Jolly’s response, and she said:

‘You’re saying he’s not smart enough? That’s quite a charge.’

Jolly started ticking off the new man in the oval office’s shortcomings. He said that Trump did not know much about policy, instead the leader of the free world simply watched cable news as his source of information. The former representative continued on CNN:

‘I think he’s learning about his own health care bill listening to you and Chris in the morning. He does not practice in details, nor understands the finer points of domestic or foreign policy. When he throws out a wiretap charge, what does that mean?

‘We know he’s lying about that, but he doesn’t understand what a FISA court is. He doesn’t understand that he just made an allegation of a felony, he doesn’t understand that he’s crippling the United States on a world stage. That speaks to more than credibility, that speaks to intellect.’

Trump had a cheerleader in former Republican senator Rick Santorum of Pennsylvania. He defended the president:

‘Well, I just think it’s an absurd claim to suggest that the president doesn’t have the intellect to be president. President Trump has run a multi-billion dollar organization. He ran the most, I would say, historic campaign from the standpoint of coming out from nowhere to be elected president.’

Check out this video of CNN’s Poppy Harlow responding to former representative David Jolly’s comments:

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