Trump Admin Enacts Restrictive Carry On Item Ban For Flights – Big Changes Coming


The feds have temporarily banned a number of electronic devices from being carried into the flight cabins of some overseas flights into the United States. The devices are allowed to be carried in checked baggage, but not in carry-on luggage.

The news was first posted to Twitter by Royal Jordanian Airlines, although the original tweet has since been deleted.

The tweet made the following announcement:

‘Following instructions from the concerned U.S. departments, we kindly inform our dearest passengers departing to and arriving from the United States that carrying any electronic or electrical device on board the flight cabins is strictly prohibited.’

The tweet was likely deleted on account of U.S. officials seeking to keep the details of the ban from the general public.

The Department of Homeland Security would not comment on the alleged new security measure, instead simply offering up the following written statement: “We have no comment on potential security precautions, but will provide any update as appropriate.”

An anonymous official reportedly told CNN that “there is a security concern regarding passengers boarding non-stop flights to the U.S. from some specific countries.”

The first source added that the ban impacts over a dozen airlines flying into the United States from a number of Middle Eastern and African countries. Another official specified that the ban covers all devices that are larger than a cellphone.

The “security concern” cited by the first anonymous U.S. official to speak to CNN appears to be unrelated to the sentiments behind President Trump’s repeated attempts to institute a Muslim-targeting travel ban, according to Fox News National Security Correspondent Jennifer Griffin.

Griffin also added that the ban is in effect for flights into the U.S. from 13 countries, although it’s not immediately clear what countries are included in that listing.

A State Department official told CNN that embassy officials have begun notifying the affected countries and airlines, although again, it’s not immediately clear what those countries are.

The suggested explanation behind all of this is that United States intelligence has gotten wind of a specific threat against the United States, which wouldn’t be all that surprising seeing as Trump has, through his policies, incited intense hatred against the United States throughout recent weeks.

The electronics ban is reportedly in effect for 96 hours.

Featured Image via George Frey/ Bloomberg via Getty Images

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