U.N.’s Happiest Country Ranking Released – Record Numbers Cause W.H. Stir


The United Nations has released their annual ranking of countries in order of the happiness of its citizens. Just one short decade ago, the U.S. ranked 3rd on the list of happiest nations, but now, that number has fallen to a staggering 19th position.

Respected economist and U.N. advisor, Jeffrey Sachs, has a very specific view of the problem. He basically said that America has slipped down on the list because of inequality and poverty issues, as well as political strife and fear:

“The United States offers a vivid portrait of a country that is looking for happiness in ‘all the wrong places. The country is mired in a rolling social crisis that is getting worse.

“Yet the dominant political discourse is all about raising the rate of economic growth and the prescriptions for faster growth – mainly deregulation and tax cuts – are likely to exacerbate, not reduce, social tensions.”

Sachs continued by calling out the GOP for their ridiculous attempts to hinder progress and continue oppressing Americans:

“Most of the pseudo-elixirs for growth – especially the Republican party’s beloved nostrum of endless tax cuts and voodoo economics – will only exacerbate Americans’ social inequalities and feed the distrust that is already tearing society apart.”

The world’s unhappiest countries are in the Middle East and Africa. According to The Guardian, “war-stricken Yemen and Syria feature in the bottom 10, with Tanzania, Burundi and Central African Republic making up the final three.”

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