American Spring Breakers Partying In Mexico Ironically Chant ‘Build That Wall’ (VIDEO)


When the U.S. sends their students to Mexico for spring break, they’re clearly not sending they’re best.

A group of spring breakers on vacation in Cancun embarrassed the entire country when they reportedly started chanting “build that wall!” during a show on a tourist ship. These vacationers were either ignorant to the fact that they were effectively demanding to be blocked from returning to their home country, or they were so determined to be obnoxious that they didn’t care. Whatever their purpose, the behavior was offensive, and a Mexican newspaper wants to make sure that everyone knows about it.

In an editorial published on Friday, The Yucatan Times said that the racist disruption is just latest in a string of American tourists who “have been offensive, rude and haughty towards Mexican people.”

They further identified that:

‘This is just one of the many blameworthy behaviors that young spring breakers have shown recently in Cancun and that are described as acts of xenophobia and discrimination against Mexicans within their own country, which is (or should be) totally unacceptable.’

‘This situation is far from being an isolated incident, and it adds to the growing number of complaints from tourism sector workers, who point out that in recent days many Spring Breakers have been offensive, rude and haughty towards Mexican people.’

The editorial also included a reference to a Facebook post from a Peruvian man, Anaximandro Amable Burga, who was on a honeymoon with his wife when he witnessed the chants of “build that wall.”

Burga described the scene in his post and argued that “tolerance is not always good.” He continued:

‘Now, I have always been tolerant of the countries of the world, and I wanted to believe the stupidity and ignorance is characteristic of a small group of people, especially on this subject…But there are things that one can’t tolerate, such as the speech that incites hatred or worse.’

Burga also attacked President Trump in his post, calling him a “fascist who could very well be compared to Hitler and nazism.” He then called for Latin Americans to stand up to people like the spring breakers on the boat and to not tolerate “lying or attacks on the dignity of persons.”

‘Never again allow laughter in our face and, much less, in our own house. Because that’s not tolerance; that is to be a sheep … without character, a coward. And we, Latin Americans, weren’t raised to be the cute dog of anyone or to put up with no boot.  Viva Latin America together!’

Read Burga’s full Facebook post below.

For more on this story, see video below:

Featured image via Larry Busacca/Getty Images for MTV.

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