Beth Fukumoto Officially Resigns From Hawaii’s GOP Due To Racism And Sexism


You’ve heard of people quitting things, right? Jobs, relationships, and sports are just a few of the things that people regularly walk away from. Beth Fukumoto is part of a growing group of people who have quit the Republican party because of the deceitful, dishonest, racist, sexist, and generally hateful politics of the Trump administration.

If you’d been treated like Fukumoto, you’d quit too. In addition to the barriers she faces as a woman in politics, Fukumoto reports that from the time she openly announced that she didn’t know if she could support Donald Trump as a candidate, the level of disrespect she received, reached a fever-pitch.

Fukumoto was the House Minority Leader for the Hawaii State Senate. “Was” because the Hawaii GOP booted Fukumoto from her position after a series of incidents whereby the Hawaiian politician stood in solidarity with those opposing the racist and sexist politics of the Trump administration. The breaking point, however, was when Fukumoto participated in one of the many Women’s Marches against Donald Trump.

Among those exhibiting the most blatant disrespect towards Fukumoto has been Hawaiian State Senator, Bob McDermott (R). As if racists aren’t some of the wealthiest and most powerful people in America, McDermott has a pretty lame reason for rebutting Fukumoto’s arguments that Trump is racist. McDermott reports that Trump simply can’t be racist and have made it to the level of success he has achieved.

McDermott is also the same person who, while on the floor of a Hawaiian Senate session told Fukumoto:

‘Act like a f*cking Republican.’

Fukumoto said she became a Republican because a bunch of her friends were joining the party and believed they could change it. She said they felt strongly about the need for a strong two-party system and wanted to make that happen. Instead, Fukumoto realized the party was “getting increasingly hostile to different opinions.”

Fukumoto further asserts she was once:

‘. . .booed for about 10 minutes straight for raising concerns about President Trump, then nominee Trump, and the way he treated women and minorities.’

Upon her resignation from the party, Fukumoto released a statement that said in part:

‘When I joined the Republican Party eight years ago, I did so with a group of people my age who were full of hope, ideas and energy.’

For Fukumoto that “hope, the ideas, and energy” for the GOP are gone, now so is she. Fukumoto plans to apply to the state’s Democratic party.

The interesting short documentary that sums up Fukumoto’s struggles with Hawaii’s GOP, is below:

Featured Image screenshot via YouTube.

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