Ivanka Trump Confronted At Her Home By Giant Swarm Of Protesters (VIDEO)


Last week President Donald Trump issue an executive order which undid many of the Obama administration’s protections regarding the environment and climate change. In response to this, many activists gathered outside Ivanka Trump’s house in protest, including a group of LGBT activists.

According to the Facebook page, “Queer Dance Party for Climate Justice at Ivanka Trump’s House!,” the event was organized both in response to Trump’s executive order and his proposed cuts to the Environmental Protection Agency’s budget.

‘In response, get ready to shake what your Mamma Earth gave ya and WERK it for climate justice! Thankfully, Ivanka Trump, “BFF of the gays,” supposed climate czar, and brand new employee of the Trump Administration has invited us to come and party in her neighborhood, leaving behind biodegradable glitter that will sparkle in the moonlight.’

The page also points out that despite whatever Trump may have said regarding climate change, it is clear that his administration refuses to do anything about the problem.

‘The entire Trump Administration has shown a blatant disregard for our planet and its inhabitants, like paving the way for the Dakota Access Pipeline displacing the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe.’

One of the issues that is not often discussed in regards to climate change and environmental protection is that it is most often the poor that suffer the first effects of climate change. The lack of safe drinking water in Flint, Michigan affects a poor, mostly African-American, community. Taking a longer view, it’s likely that hunting and fishing, activities common in rural areas, will be negatively affected by climate change.

Trump’s base was made up of poor rural, white voters, but they are going to be the ones who likely feel the first effects of climate change. Of course, at that point it will probably be too late to do much.

‘The reality is that the people most affected by the administration’s bad climate decisions are our most vulnerable friends: our poor, working class, native, trans & POC siblings. We must put our bodies on the line for our earth and for all who depend on its resources.’

The event’s Facebook page said that about 300 people attended and police reported that the protest was peaceful.

Featured image via Facebook.

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