Trump Camp Busted Funneling $28K To Ex-FBI Agent Involved In Clinton Smear Job


Sometimes irony and coincidence aren’t ironic or coincidental at all; sometimes things happen because people set the stage for them to take place. One such case of what may have initially appeared to be irony or coincidence, possibly being intentional, is embattled former Secretary of Defense, Michael Flynn once partnering with the the same ex-FBI agent who made brazen Hillary Clinton/Benghazi accusations.

Brian McCauley is no longer with the FBI, but on Tuesday, his connections to Michael Flynn became clear and defined when Flynn registered his firm, the Flynn Intel Group, as a foreign agent. In fact, The New York Post reports that Flynn was paid to work for Turkey during the Trump campaign.

Laura Rozen of the Al-Monitor connected the dots via Twitter:

In October, McCauley informed The New York Times that he was asked to hide an e-mail related to the 2012 assault on the CIA annex in Benghazi, Libya. Four Americans were killed and then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was left holding much of the blame.

The Benghazi story with Clinton at fault ran for months, so when the Trump campaign released information about the emails, a private server, and other information, it was seen as damning, the metaphoric nail in the coffin for Clinton’s presidential hopes.

In the midst of Flynn being paid to work for the Turkish government while Trump was running for President, he was also campaigning on Trump’s behalf. Therefore, Trump’s claims that he has no knowledge of wrongdoing on Flynn’s part and no connections to the WikiLeaks that led to the Clinton email controversy, are extremely difficult to believe. Adding more insult to injury is the fact that Flynn just recently disclosed that he worked for a Dutch agency connected to the Turkish government.

On second thought, perhaps Flynn’s recent disclosure that he worked for a Dutch agency connected to the Turkish government, isn’t the final insult to injury. That title is probably better gifted to Michael Flynn having asked for immunity in exchange for his testimony regarding Trump, Russia, and all things related.

What’s certain is that Flynn and even Trump, didn’t expect that request to be pardoned from possible prosecution, to be denied. This is especially true since Trump displayed his usual cockiness by encouraging Flynn’s request for immunity. With that request now having been denied, Flynn will have to talk and be held accountable for his role in this mess of that it seems team Trump has created.

People always say that if you “follow the money” you can get to the source of an issue. It looks like this particular money trail is leading right to Trump, Flynn, Sessions et al being more connected all of the foreign governments they say they have no relationships with, than they’ve previously let on. That shouldn’t be news to anyone, though.

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