The White House Just Released Melania’s Official Photo – Try Not To Laugh (IMAGE)


Melania Trump’s official White House photo has been released, and no one is buying the obvious attempts to change America’s perceptions of the first FLOTUS ever to be paid to pose for nude photographs, which were later published and distributed.

In the image, Melania is wearing a black blazer with, what can only be describes as, a silk ascot around her neck. Because of her past ventures, and the fact that her breasts have been all over the internet for the past year, it is easy to imagine the image zoomed out to show Melania wearing nothing but the jacket and ascot.

Don’t forget the stilettos, though.

The photo is just odd. Like some cheesy Glamour Shots shoot from the 90’s depicting a woman’s desperate attempt to remain the apple of her husband’s wandering eye. Her pose and choice of garb says I’m powerful, but that, again, is another desperate attempt to mask the fact that this woman sold her life to an old pervert with money. Period.

Let’s not start the woe is Melania party, either. She is no victim. She is part if the problem. Now she’s part of America’s problem.

Check out the (almost funny, if it weren’t so sad) photo below, released by the White House Monday.

Photo courtesy of the White House
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