Rachel Maddow Devotes Entire Segment To Merciless Clown Sean Spicer (VIDEO)


Our hero, Rachel Maddow, has yet again swooped in and let Trump and his administration COMPLETELY have it. In Tuesday’s segment, she completely ripped him, Press Secretary Sean Spicer, and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson apart.

She first pointed out that Trump managed to insult and completely bungled his first call with the Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, a major close ally of the United States. When “Spicey” was trotted out in front of the press and had to walk it back for his boss, he made a fool of himself since he could not pronounce Prime Minister Turnbull’s name correctly.

‘It’s not that hard. Turnbull. Michael Turnbull. That’s his name.’

She then played a clip of “Spicey” pronouncing his name as “Trumble.” She went on and responded:

‘His name is not Trumble. It’s Turnbull. Just those two syllables – Turnbull. This is not actually that hard. It’s Turnbull. But right away, from the very beginning, it was clear the White House spokesperson could not handle this.’

She then played more clips of Spicer mispronouncing the prime minister’s name.

Maddow went on to then point out Spicer can’t even handle acronyms, pointing to the time when Spicer kept saying the president received PBDs. The president actually receives PDBs – the President’s Daily Brief.

Then she brought up the terrorist attack in Orlando that Spicer somehow moved to Atlanta. Maddow said:

‘When he says Atlanta over and over again, there isn’t a terrorist attack in Atlanta that he’s talking about. He’s trying to talk about Orlando, but it keeps coming out Atlanta over and over again.’

Then she came around to today’s Spicey Hitler debacle. In his daily press briefing, Spicer literally said, “You look, we didn’t use chemical weapons in World War II. You had someone who as despicable as Hitler who didn’t even sink to using chemical weapons.”

We don’t have to really talk about why, in so many ways, that is horribly horribly wrong. If you took a basic world history class, you know why it’s wrong. However, Maddow pointed out why it’s a problem that the press secretary obviously missed out on World History 101.

When Spicer was given the golden opportunity to perhaps fishtail his way back out of the mess he just put himself in, he said this:

‘I think when you come to sarin gas, he was not using the gas on his own people in the same way that Assad is doing. I understand. Thank you. I appreciate that. There is not, he brought them to the Holocaust centers. I understand that’

Maddow responded and owned Spicer:

‘The Holocaust centers? He brought them into the Holocaust centers. And when he says not using gas on his own people? That which you mean the people Hitler gassed by the millions weren’t his own people? Whose people? This is an attempted historical reference gone very very very wrong. Clearly. But what it’s about in the present, what this historical reference is about now, is also a problem here.’

She then wonderfully pointed out that Spicer could not get Bashar al-Assad name right once today.

‘Talking is hard. Every body gets tripped up sometimes. But this is the person whose job it is to speak for the White House. He can’t even do it in print, let alone out loud.’

She added it took Spicer three times to get his apology right for his comments on Hitler and Assad. In 19 minutes, he wrote, rewrote, and then rewrote again his apology. She then pointed towards the fact that Spicer misspoke on CNN saying Trump was trying to destabilize Syria.

‘Talking is hard. Some people are better at talking than others. I talk for a living on TV for example. I’m not great at it. I know for sure I could not last five minutes as a spokesperson for the White House. Never. Couldn’t do it. Most people couldn’t do that. But some people can. Why is he doing it? Just a transfixing series of blunders today from the White House on an incredibly serious subject.’

That’s when she pointed out Secretary of State Rex Tillerson asked at the G7 summit why Americans should care about Ukraine, after talking about taking a hardline on Russia, who invaded Ukraine.

‘Even on the most serious issues on earth, this White House, this administration can make itself the center of attention just by sheer virtue of how disastrously, distractingly inept they can be at even the most simplest of things.’

She’s right. She’s every bit of right. It’s one thing to have a president who is a consistent embarrassment on a daily basis. It’s another to have a press secretary that fails to clean up messes. It’s even worse when that same press secretary makes the messes even messier with their inability to talk correctly. Occasional trip ups are understandable, but it’s safe to assume at this point Spicer has surpassed an amount that could be considered occasional.

Featured image via screenshot of video.

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